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Openstack Mitaka Installation using packstack on CentOS 7

Mitaka is 13th release of Openstack. Following are some of the notable features in Mitaka.


  • Real-time Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) compute nodes and custom CPU thread policies
  • Live migration improvements


  • Rolling upgrades in Cinder
  • Disaster recovery share-replication application programming interface (API) support


  • Tenant resources cleanup
  • Improved security groups performance

I have configured allinone Openstack Mitaka setup on one Virtual VM using VirtaulBox.

My Virtual VM configuration are as follows.

OS – CentOS 7.2

RAM – 7168MB

Storage – 40GB

Network – One bridged adpater with static IP

vCPU – 2

Install CentOS 7.2 on VM and update to latest level and reboot the system.

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