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Quick Steps to build your own lab using VirtualBox and Vagrant

Many times we need test lab which includes two or more virtual machines and which should be built quickly on our laptop and test different scenarios of docker, Kubernetes and Ansible and tear down once done.

I used to install VirtualBox on my laptop and then install CentOS manually and then clone it for two or three VMs, this also works fine but it is time-consuming as my aim was to learn the docker, Kubernetes concepts or test Ansible playbooks, once done tear down the setup and start new one for other test cases.

There is one simple solution out there where we can use VirtualBox and Vagrant to set up a multinode environment using the configuration file and start the lab in a few mins.

I have summarized a few steps to quickly set up your own lab with VirtualBox and Vagrant.

You can create as many virtual machines you want but you need enough RAM on your laptop/desktop.

1. Download the VirtualBox software using the following link. Just check the latest/stable release wget

      Install the VirtualBox #rpm -ivh VirtualBox-6.0-6.0.4_128413_el7-1.x86_64.rpm