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Installation of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server using ESX GUI

  • Create new VM with name OpstackVM using vSphere client with following values.This is not recommended values/minimum requirement of VM for installing Openstack. In next post we will see Openstack installation on Ubuntu.


  • Load ubuntu-14.04.1-desktop-i386.iso file on CD/DVD drive of new VM.


  • Once ISO file loads it starts booting from ISO file and following welcome screen appears.Click on Install Ubuntu to install Ubuntu OS.


  • Following Window shows the actual free/available space requirement for Ubuntu Installation and internet connectivity status. Click continue.


  • Following screen appears once it’s loaded with Ubuntu OS setup.


  • Select Erase disk and install Ubuntu. This is will start the installation with with default Filesystem structure. We can even encrypt the new installation here.


  • Select Respective Timezone and click on continue.


  • Select English (US) keyboard layout.


  • Select username, computer name ( this is nothing but VM’s hostname) and password and click on continue.


  • After Installation completed. Following screen appears. Click on restart now. Once server restart login screen appears and server is ready.


I have created this blog to share my learning from IT world. Hope you find it useful in your day to day work. Feel free to send me your feedback about my blog.

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