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Failed to start OpenStack Identity Service (code-named Keystone).

When you installed Openstack using packstack you might have faced openstack-keystone service issue. When try it to restart it fails with code-name keystone error.


I have done some research on it and found the solution.

The issue is with Openstack Keystone Service which we have configured using httpd deamon in answers.cfg file ( configuration file used to install Openstack using packstack)


Now openstack-keystone service will not start as http service is already in started mode and we haven’t created any relation between openstack-keystone and http service.

So to start openstack-keystone service we have to create symbolic link and point openstack-keystone service to http service.


Now after that execute #systemctl daemon-reload to take effect of daemon linking.


now stop httpd service and start openstack-keystone service. This will automatically start httpd service as well.



You can now see openstack-keystone service is part of httpd.service group and also check in httpd daemon status we found relation with keystone service.


Also enable the openstack-keystone service so that it will automatically start on system boot.


Now if you check keystone service status using openstack-service. It shows it’s using httpd.service for openstack identity service authentication.


This resolve the openstack-keystone service failed issue in Openstack Liberty release and  on centos 7/ rhel 7.

Enjoy 🙂



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