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Neutron Validation Testing Part 2

Tenant to tenant networking with different subnet

For tenant to tenant networking I used following steps.

  • Create first tenant, tenant network, tenant subnet
  • Create second tenant, tenant network, tenant subnet
  • Create router in admin tenant and add both tenant interface to it.
  • Create 2 VMs instance into two different tenant network.
  • Add security rule for PING and SSH testing.
  • Ping to each other using network namespace.


To force all VMs should spin into same blade and to test tenant to tenant network into cross blade use –availability_zone=nova: extra parameter into nova boot command. We are assuming each compute host is running to separate blade. So by using –availability_zone we can achieve our goal to spin the VMs into same blade or different blades. Use same script just add one more parameter in to nova boot command.

e.g. nova boot –flavor –image –nic net-id= –availability_zone=nova: –security-group default –key-name


I have created this blog to share my learning from IT world. Hope you find it useful in your day to day work. Feel free to send me your feedback about my blog.

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